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Choose the right warehouse floor coatings

Warehouse floors are a challenge when attempting to renovate and protect. If your purchasing the warehouse you need to make it not only clean and attractive for a potential buyer. But the warehouse needs to be functional for the type of foot or forklift traffic that it will receive. Epoxy floor coatings come in different shapes and sizes but one size does not always fit all.

Choosing the right warehouse floor coating.

Just “making it look clean”, might just do that; but will it actually last for the use its going to have to withstand? Is it a chemical or food processing plant that spills lots of chemicals? You will need a chemically resistant epoxy floor. Is it a fast paced high forklift traffic area carrying heavy loads? Then you will need a high build system; maybe with quartz.

The truth is you may not know about the types of floors that may be available for the warehouse floor and The Concrete Makeover does. We know what will hold up and what wont and can guide you into deciding on a floor that will meet or exceed expectations and fit within your budget.

Quartz Epoxy Floor Coating

One of our most durable warehouse flooring options is designed to take a beating. Quartz epoxy floor coatings are strong because quartz is a very very hard mineral. When we combine quartz with epoxy, the combination produces a strong warehouse floor that will stand the test of time and high traffic. This is considered a high build epoxy floor, reaching thicknesses of over 35 mils. We offer different variations of quartz floor coatings and help craft a system for your budget and needs,

High Build Warehouse Epoxy Coating

For the medium traffic, low weight hauling warehouse environments. Our high build warehouse epoxy coating uses a special epoxy formula designed to be harder and more scratch resistant than regular epoxy coatings. Installed in 3 steps, this system provides a long wearing, scratch resistant coating that will withstand pallete dragging, forklift turns and pallet jacks. Installed at thickness exceeding 35mils this system will provide you with a warehouse floor that will take a beating.





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