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The New Jersey Epoxy Flooring Experts

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Expoxy Flooring Specialists & Polished Concrete Contractors in New Jersey

When you need a helping hand with your flooring or outdoor surfaces, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s just a few of the ways we can help…

Garage Floors

We mechanically prepare your floor before adding a polyaspartic base coat. Next, you choose from a range of colored paint flakes combinations, before we clear coat in our non-yellowing, chemically resistant finish. Perfect for a solution that can be installed in as little as 1-2 days.

concrete polishing

Achieve a hardwearing, easy-to-maintain and pristine finish with a polished concrete floor that catches the eye for all the right reasons. And because our professionals leave nothing to chance, your new-look floor will even have unique anti-microbial properties to keep everyone safe.

Warehouse Floors

Our comprehensive range of epoxy systems ensure you get the perfect hardwearing finish for your exact needs. We’re able to offer solutions that are ESD, anti-microbial, resistant to chemical exposure and ready for anything. We can even install anti-slip flooring that works when wet.

epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is a popular choice when you want to give the perfect first impression to customers and clients. Offices, retail hubs, and eateries are all common places to find premium quality epoxy flooring. Our options are waterproof, anti-microbial and easy to clean and maintain.

concrete resurfacing

Upgrading your finish is quick and easy when you come to the concrete resurfacing experts New Jersey property owners and developers trust. We can deliver a wide variety of colors and finishes, help with intricate custom patterning, and ensure you achieve the perfect end result with a fine micro topping.

Self-Leveling Concrete

With the capacity to pump 30,000 sq ft of 1/4” thick concrete a day, and have it return to service in just 4 hours, it’s clear why we’re the name of choice for tile and carpet contractors across New Jersey. By ensuring everything is expertly delivered and perfectly level, we ensure delays and rework are never an issue.

Resurfacing Pool Decks

Our proven flexible membrane allows you to add a wide range of decorative quartz coatings, or colored flakes, to achieve a unique finish that’s far more robust than a standard overlay. As the New Jersey temperatures plummet in the winter, your coating intelligently flexes, never cracks, and always provides a waterproof seal for your concrete.

Stained Concrete Flooring

Our range of translucent concrete dyes allow you to bring any floor to life with nothing but a little help from the experts. We can also add solid base colors before staining over the top, giving you plenty of options to consider. Ideal if you want to change the look and feel of your flooring with minimal effort.

Our Clients

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Who do we serve?

No matter where you are in New Jersey,
our experts are only ever a quick call away.

Why do you need epoxy flooring?

Easy to Clean

Epoxy flooring saves you time and effort from the moment it’s installed

Hygienic Solution

A seamless epoxy floor prevents bacterial growth in hard to reach areas

The Right Impression

Choose the color and finish that you want and leave the rest to us


Stain Resistant

Chemicals, heat and UV light all find our coating virtually impossible to discolor

Fully Waterproof

Epoxy is warmer than tiles, just as durable, and an all-round better long-term investment


The scratch resistant top coats we use are designed to last for years and years in any high throughput setting