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Epoxy Floors | Polished Concrete | Self Leveling


Garage Floor coating

Your garage floor is obsessed over by our team. No detail spared. Garage is prepped mechanically and a polyaspartic base coat is applied. Choose from several colored paint flakes combinations. Clear coated in our clear non yellowing and chemically resistant top coat. In some instances can be installed in 1 day or 2 days in NJ.

concrete polishing

Polished concrete floors are easier to maintain over time and provide a functional and sleek aesthetic. Perfect for warehouse traffic and tough demands; while telling a story in a decorative concrete setting like pictured above. Polished floors reduce dusting and are anti-microbial when installed correctly

WareHouse Floor Coating

We can provide epoxy systems for you warehouse that are specific to your industry and needs. Whether it be chemical resistant, anti-microbial, ESD or high build epoxy systems, we can install it. When slip resistance in wet conditions are required, epoxy with quartz broadcast are required. We have a variety of options available.

epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring for restaurants, offices, labs and retail locations can vary greatly. Metallic epoxies are great for changing the atmosphere of your workplace or restaurant. It's waterproof, anti-microbial and easy to clean. Other epoxy systems include pigmented epoxy, grind and seal for polished look and decorative quartz

self leveling concrete

We can handle large self leveling jobs up to 30,000 sq ft easily. We are able to pump 30,000 sq ft at a 1/4" thickness each day. Self Leveling an entire apartment floor and be able to return to service in 4 hours. No job is too small or large for The Concrete Makeover. We pump underlayments, overlayments and polishable cement toppings. We do work for tile and carpet contractors.

pool deck resurfacing

Our unique system was created to provide an absolutely different look to your pool patio. We offer a flexible outdoor membrane that allows for a flexible coating to be applied with colored flakes or decorative quartz coating that wont yellow or chip like an overlay. Winters in New Jersey are brutal and these coatings will flex but not chip and water proof your concrete for a long time to come.

concrete resurfacing

Create a new blank canvas over your existing concrete. This allows us to install a new color made with concrete cementitious overlays. Available in a fine micro topping, giving you a smooth concrete look. Can be stained and colored to your liking. We also provide textured and more complicated patterns for a more custom flooring option, like the job pictured above.

stained concrete floor

We can stain or dye the concrete floors with translucent dyes that showcase the character of your floor, or we can apply a solid base color and stain over it like the photo above. Stained concrete can be a more cost efficient flooring option in the right application and depending on your expectations of the floors look. We can stain existing concrete and seal.


ASK the epoxy experts

If you have questions about your project our team can help you. Our expers will make best suggestions, offers guidance and help you.



We are experts in Concrete Polishing, Warehouse Floor Coating, Epoxy Flooring, Garage Floor Coating, and Concrete resurfacing. Our team is well-trained and well-equipped to execute such specialised floors and has successfully laid floors.



If you want to know what the general cost of epoxy flooring or polished concrete, then click read more. We lay out a generalized price for coatings, self leveler and other systems we quote based on the NYC, NJ, CT market.



We use advanced floor laying and finishing techniques at par with international standards, which result in a strong, durable and crack-free floor. We often augment this flooring system with armored joints for edge protection

project portfolio

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If you have questions about your project our team can help you. Our epoxy flooring experts will make suggestions and offer guidance and help you.

epoxy flooring advantages

Easy clean up

Seamless surfaces can be easily wiped free of dirt, dust and debris. No more grout issue will be present such as cracking, replacing or cleaning.


Seamless surfaces with optional covering on walls can prevent bacteria from collective and growing especially in hard to reach corners.

attractive look

Our epoxy floor coatings are available in variety of different colors and styles. You can choose to use one solid color or create a decorative pattern.


chemical resistance

Our Epoxy floor coatings are chemical, UV and hot tire Resistant , They are idea for manufacturing plants warehouses, Industrial plants and garages.


Protect your basement floor from futute flooding. Our solutions are warmer and ceramic tiles and just as durable


Scratch resisitant. Our epoxy floor coating system create a seamless and durable, high performance surface that lasts for many years