More than 1 million people visit the emergency room each year because of a slip and fall injury. Many of those injuries happened at swimming pools.

While swimming pools can fun for the whole family, they can also be dangerous. When most people think of swimming pools, they think of drowning and injuries in the water. The truth is, the pool deck can be just as dangerous.

Pool decks can be extremely slippery because they are constantly wet.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to make sure your pool area is safe for everyone. Keep reading to learn more about slip-resistance for pool decks. 

The Basics of Slip-Resistance for Pool Decks

The most common way to improve slip resistance on pool decks is by using grit additives. These additives can be used when you seal any type of decorative concrete flatwork on an outside walking surface.

The grit additives are mixed into the sealer, then the gritty sealer is applied to the concrete. The sealer changes the amount of friction and therefore, the chemical nature of the pool surface, making it less slippery even when it’s wet. 

The gritty additives are mixed into the sealer before it’s applied to the concrete. While this is a common way to avoid slips on a pool deck, it’s important that you choose the right product for your needs.

It’s essential that you work with an installer who understands how these powders work and which type will work best for you. 

Grit Size Matters

The size of the grit particles matters. For example, when it comes to creating safe pool decks you’ll need to use a product with a higher level of grit.

Manufacturers often offer different sizes of polypropylene grits. For areas that are regularly wet and prone to slip and falls, a larger particle-sized grit is necessary. 

We offer multiple options to help make your stamped concrete surface more safe and slip-resistant. We will help you reseal your concrete with a large aggregate to improve slip resistance.

What we do is prep your pool deck and then spray a concrete overlay with a light splatter texture to improve slip resistance and keep your family and friends safe.

Let Us Make Your Pool Safe

We live in a society where slip and fall lawsuits are all too common. This means it’s not only important to ensure your friends and family don’t get hurt but you also have to make sure to protect your assets from litigation.

While having a pool can be a ton of fun, slip-resistance for pool decks and safety should be your biggest concerns.

Let us help you make sure your pool deck is safe. We offer the best products and will help you understand which type is right for your project.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and for a free estimate. 

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