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Every part of the home is important from the exterior to the interior.  That includes the concrete walkways, an often forgotten part of any concrete structure at the home or business.  Concrete walkways get you from point A to point B but most especially they provide a high level of curb appeal – if it’s done right.  There are many things that we at the Concrete Makeover can do with your walkway.  They can be creative concrete walkways or ones that break the norm of suburbia.  In any case they serve as great eye pieces for any home and you can virtually design a walkway however you’d like.  It’s good to get creative with something like that because every house is different, changing the needs.  What people do not realize is that a good walkway works well within the landscape of any home or business.

As far as design supplies go, concrete is an excellent choice.  It provides much flexibility and creates a design environment that is flexible and creative.  With concrete, stability is a factor and it simply brings notice to the walkway. Stability and longevity are also evident with concrete.  A walkway should be taken care of as much as any other concrete structure in the home.  It does the home an injustice if the walkway is tattered or chipped.

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We understand how important your walkway is so we take that seriously.  Every home is designed differently and the neighborhood layout is always changing.  That won’t stop us from giving you what you need, however.


There are concrete walkways in New Jersey but when you actually look around they don’t seem to strike any kind of inspiration.  What we do is blend great workmanship with attention to detail giving you a stamped concrete walkway you can be proud of.  A concrete walkway should be long lasting and provide great value to your home.

Concrete walkway designs, like all the other concrete structures at your home, should be able to stand the test of the elements.  Oftentimes because it is so high trafficked it cracks and breaks under the pressure and weight of the activity. With us, we make sure you don’t have to worry about that.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you with your needs. You will be pleasantly surprised at how good your concrete walkway will look if given the right people to work with you.  It’s time to take your home to the next level with the Concrete Makeover.


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