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The New Jersey Parking Garage Flooring Experts

The elements in New Jersey give every parking garage a hard life. Our job is to ensure that everything lasts for years to come because it’s done the right way.

Our New Jersey parking garage flooring experts take the time to get things right and then apply fast and efficient processes that massively speed up every project. It’s this approach that allowed us to recently complete a 220,000 sq ft garage with over 1,500 spots in less than 3 months. We worked in sections, reapplied the pavement striping for every spot, and worked around hundreds of  structural columns. It’s the level of service you get when you pay for experience and expertise.


How Can We Help?

When water and moisture can’t evaporate back out, you will quickly see spalling, cracking and other forms of deformation. Multiply this by the large square footage of the typical parking garage and you have a potentially expensive problem that requires urgent professional attention. Here’s just a few of the ways we ensure this will never be an issue for you:

Our last installation was 220,000 sq ft parking garage

parking garage coatings nj

The last installation completed by The Concrete Makeover, was performed at a parking garage for a national defense contractor company based in the USA. We completed the floor in 3 months, completed in sections as requested by the customer. We even installed all of the pavement striping for each spot. The parking lot had many structural columns and over 1500 parking spots. We resurfaced the entire floor and the parking garage sees up to 1500 cars traveling in and out multiple times a day.

Why Do You Need a New Jersey Parking Garage Floor?

A high volume of traffic, freezing winter temperatures and an abundance of surface and ground water all add up to provide a difficult set of issues for your floor. Our solution is to work with you, work in sections, and work fast. If we combine this with our premium processes and durable materials, you’re guaranteed to get a result that lasts for years to come. Why settle for anything less than the very best?

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