parking garage coatings nj

A Different approach to traditional resin parking garages.

The philosophy on parking garage flooring and maintenance has evolved over the years. Traditionally epoxy and urethane flexible coatings have been used in parking garages and decks. These products work fine for preventing water to seep through, but at the same time, they DON’T allow water to evaporate through. Essentially trapping moisture in the concrete structure and causing wear and tear over time including spalling, cracking and more. The evolution in parking garage and really all large concrete structures is to provide coatings that creates a waterproof surface, a new wear surface to protect the existing concrete but also allows moisture to cure through the sealer and coating. So what is the best solution for protecting concrete parking garage structures?.

Polymer modified cementitious coatings is the answer!

The perfect coating that will allow a non slip broom finish, that is breathable to the elements, easy to maintain quickly and a durable surface that will handle heavy duty traffic while protecting your existing concrete structure.

With a whopping psi of 6,100 psi, these concrete overlays are strong enough to protect the existing concrete from rolling traffic. With the help of acrylic sealers, you will have adequate oil and salt resistance that comes with a parking lot daily usage. 

These coatings allow for a faster installation time than your traditional epoxy and urethane membranes. The biggest challenge in parking decks exposed to the elements, is the chance of rain. There has been entire seasons in NJ, when it rains too often and projects have to get pushed back or never get done. 

Concrete overlays allow for faster install time, and rain can be less of an issue, if it occurs after the concrete has already cured which generally happens pretty fast. 

Our last installation was 220,000 sq ft parking garage

parking garage coatings nj

The last installation completed by The Concrete Makeover, was performed at a parking garage for a national defense contractor company based in the USA. We completed the floor in 3 months, completed in sections as requested by the customer. We even installed all of the pavement striping for each spot. The parking lot had many structural columns and over 1500 parking spots. We resurfaced the entire floor and the parking garage sees up to 1500 cars traveling in and out multiple times a day.

Maintenance Programs

We have seen many parking garage floors mature over the years. This is how you can extend the life of any parking garage specifically with coatings.

  1. Placing a steel grate at the entrance to trap debris from tires entering the location
  2. Vacuuming or street sweeping debris regularly especially in high traffic areas at entrance.
  3.  Autoscrubbing the floor after snow storms, to clean off salt residue and mud from snow stuck on cars.
  4. Cracks in your floors due to change in temperature is normal, doing yearly inspections to repair structural cracks will extend the life of your parking garage.
  5. Re apply sealer once a year for high traffic entrance areas and main highways. *The most important

Other Parking Garage Floor Systems

Here are a few systems that we will install as well.

  1. Hydrophobic sealers that make the concrete integrally waterproof. Prevents spalling and extends the concrete life, without a visible coating on surface. Breathable, usually installed on bridges, decks and more.
  2.  Flexible polyurethane quartz floors for suspended decks.
  3. Bushhammer and seal. This will give you a slip resistant floor and sealed with acrylic or hydrophobic sealers.