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Are you considering a new floor in your home or commercial property but dread the thought of ripping it up? The cost and hassle of refurbishing a floor from scratch can be seriously off-putting. Don’t sweat, there is another way! Save time and get more for your money with innovative self-leveling concrete instead. This is where self-leveling cement and experienced installers that do the job right come in.

Self-leveling concrete is made with self-leveling cement which differs from regular cement. It is polymer-modified which gives it excellent flow characteristics with the consistency of pancake batter. It flows over uneven or sloping floors and fills any holes and divets, resulting in a smooth flat surface.

It’s is a very popular flooring solution for home renovations and widely used for larger floors in commercial properties. We have completed many projects using self-leveling concrete for warehouses, restaurants, gyms, office buildings, and many more.

Installing self-leveling concrete is a very technical and precise process that shouldn’t be attempted by DIY enthusiasts. It’s important to get it right the first time for the best results with the concrete specialists from The Concrete Makeover.

We are your leading self-leveling concrete contractor that services the New Jersey area, specializing in North Jersey and Central New Jersey. Get in touch for a free quote and find out how we can make your floors flawless.

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Enjoy Flawless Floors with Self-Leveling Concrete in NJ

Get the Highest-Quality Concrete Flooring Services From the Leading Self-Leveling Concrete Contractors in NJ.

We poured a self level floor to flatten this scotch plains nj residential home.
Self leveler in a church in bloomfield
Solutions of self leveling concrete

Unlike regular concrete, self-leveling concrete is specially designed for floors to create a perfectly flat surface. Due to its slurry-like consistency, it cannot be used for walls or other standard concrete applications, but it’s perfect for floors. If you’re looking for a way to solve the problems with your floors, self-leveling concrete could offer solutions such as:

  • Providing a smooth surface on floors that are damaged with holes, cracks, and divots
  • Covering ceramic tiles so that other flooring systems can be installed
  • Going over wood substrates so that a concrete layer can be added and finished with a flooring systems
  • Encapsulating asbestos floors to protect you from exposure without having to pay for asbestos removal
  • Leveling out deep slopes on unlevel floors
  • It is very fast curing so it saves time on your project
  • Providing a blank canvas for stained concrete floor designs

No matter the problem with your current floor, our team of concrete experts can help find the solution with self-leveling concrete.

Types of self leveling concrete

There are two main types of self-leveling concrete that provide two different functions for your floors. When used together, the results are a flawless and perfectly level concrete floor that will last a lifetime.

Underlayment Self Levelers

As the name suggests, this type is used to provide a blank canvas and level base coat for a different flooring system. This is the most commonly used because it’s a very economical way to ‘reset’ your floor to make way for the new floor covering.

It’s not designed for the wear and tear of a finished floor covering and so shouldn’t be used as a topcoat. It provides a very strong base for your floor and provides a compressive strength of 4000 psi when completely cured.

Overlayment Self Leveler

Self-leveling cement for overlays are used when you want to polish the floor once its poured. Some may contain aggregates and can be dyed as well. This compound has been specially designed for heavy direct traffic so it is extra durable and great for high traffic areas. This type is especially popular for commercial spaces that experience a lot of foot traffic such as hotel receptions.

Due to its durability, it provides a higher compressive strength of around 10000 psi when completely cured. It requires a vapor barrier epoxy coating and sand broadcast. It can be poured over a prepared and primed wooden floor, or cured concrete for a perfectly flat finish with optional decorative designs. Overlayments are generally polished to a high shine like a home depot floor.

Self-Leveling Concrete process

Step 1: Get a Free Quote

Get in touch to get a free quote for your project. Call us at 732-259-5932, email, or complete our inquiry form.

Step 2: Floor Preparation

We prepare your current floor surface in the best way that will accept the self-leveling concrete.

Step 3: Priming the Surface

We apply a suitable primer according to the current flooring material that will provide the best adhesion and results.

Step 4: Self-Leveling Concrete Pouring

We pour the best self-leveling concrete mix to suit your requirements and rake to your desired height. Then we leave it to cure overnight.

Step 5: Seal and Finish

The next day we complete the project by sealing, staining, or polishing the floor as agreed for a perfect finish.

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We are New Jersey’s top rates concrete experts offering a wide variety of concrete services and solutions. The Concrete Makeover has installed hundreds of self-level cement floors throughout New Jersey ranging from 400 sq ft to 18,000 sq ft.

We only use the best self-leveling concrete and have the right tools, manpower, and logistical expertise to get the job done right. Our valued customers always have great things to say about our workmanship and customer service. Read for yourself in our Google reviews.

Self-Leveling Concrete Pricing

We offer the most competitive prices of any self-leveling cement contractor in NJ. Our excellent standard of workmanship is unmatched so our prices are reasonable according to the project. Your specific quote will depend on the current condition of your floor and the design you’d like. Get in touch with our team for a free quote and more information.

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Get a Free Quote for Self-Leveling Concrete in NJ

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Send us an inquiry and let us know what we can do for you.  Whether it’s resurfacing the basement or the driveway, we can do it all.  Our professionals will give you a reasonable quote.  Self Leveling concrete in New Jersey is what we do.  For businesses or homes, we have the right solution for you and you will not be disappointed in the final product.