When an interior designer  wanted to create a uniqe metallic epoxy floor for her home gym, she decided to contact The Concrete Makeover to make her vision come to life.

The house is right on the bay and the gym is overseeing the water. She wanted to go with something unique and when we came up with the ocean floor, she was all in. She initially had tiles in the floor so we had to install the epoxy right over the tiles.

There are a few ways to prepare ceramic tile to receive epoxy, we chose to grind the tiles to give it a mechanical bond, followed by feather finishing the grout lines with cement. Following this step we then apply a wb epoxy primer to really stick in between the tile and epoxy. This is crucial to a good bond otherwise down the line you could have delamination of epoxy.

We then installed 2 layers of epoxy as a base coat to cover the grout lines and have a flat surface, generally we install a black base coat since it enhances the metallic, in this case we followed up with a light gray color before the ocean floor.

We finish the floor by installing our metallic epoxy with a midnight blue, pearl and royal blue metallic pigments.

Ocean floor metallic epoxy in new jersey

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