When we arrived on the scene in Westfield, NJ we where greeted by the lovely owner of the house. Adriana was a pleasure to work with , may I add. What seemed to be just concrete floor, was actually a really thick layer of glue mast, the top of it was a light brown color.

A soon as we started grinding we realized the thick layer of glue throughout the whole basement. This was no match for our planetary diamond grinder. We used our special adapters made for glue and grinded off all of the glue, exposing the aggregate below. See pictures below.

Now that we have the concrete properly prepped and vacuumed it is time for the concrete overlay. We decided to use our favorite supplier for Self leveling micro toppings; Duraamen Inc of Newark, NJ. I highly recommend visiting Victor and discussing any options. Tell them The Concrete Makeover sent you.

We decided to use the Duraamens  Micro50 Self Leveling underlayment for a super smooth finish. After applying a few coats of primer on the concrete, we started mixing and pouring. Making sure to lay it down at 1/4 inch depth and then passing over it with a smother. We must say this self leveling concrete is great, with a regular amount of water you get a high viscosity which is perfect for working on the floor.

Check out the finished area. Please stay tuned for updates on this Westfield, NJ basement makeover. Due to inclement weather, we will be updating this blog later. Stay tuned!

** UPDATED 2/23/2014

I have had a chance to update the blog after the big snowstorm and found time to upload the rest of this job. Check out the photos below, with the plastic removed from the walls. Looks nicer with the clean molding and walls

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