typical garage floor coating with paint flakes

The Garage Floor Coating Process

Garage Floor Preparation

We diamond grind the concrete surface and remove any coatings from the current garage floor. This will profile the garage floor with the proper CSP (concrete surface profile), but most importantly it will open up the concrete to be able to absorb the coating for optimal adhesion. Some floors are so badly beat up, that we will require a new concrete layer to be installed.

Crack and Spall Repairs

We then will cut open any existing cracks and fill them with a polyurethane fast setting crack filler, to properly treat the cracks. We also will find any spalls, or holes in the garage and fill those with high compressive strength cement, leaving your floor void less. 

Garage Floor Apron and Wall Coating

At this point if you have a concrete apron that is exposed to the outside elements (like the photo above), we will coat it with an acrylic pigmented sealer that compliments the flakes, usually gray or tan. In many cases we have to cut a line in the floor, also known as a keyway. We do this to prevent any damage by the elements happening on the outside of the garage door. Doing this will allow the garage floor coating to be securely locked into the line and protect it from damage in the years to come. Think of it as a long-term prevention from chipping that can occur from driving into the garage and from the sun, snow and hard contact that can happen on the outside of your garage floor apron.

At this point we will thoroughly vacuum your garage floor, and if you have concrete block footings in your garage, we will paint them at an additional cost with an acrylic coating that will match your flake floor, usually gray or tan. We can also install a 4″ cove base covered with flake, seamlessly integrated into your flake floor at an additional cost.

Garage Coating and Flake Broadcast

Now we are ready to install the first layer of polyaspartic urethane with a solid color pigment which will compliment your choice of flake. This polyurethane will be spread out and penetrate your concrete floor to achieve maximum adhesion. This is what will allow your floor to stick to the ground permanently and not be affected by hot tire pick up. We squeegee the material on the floor and back roll it to achieve a uniform spread rate. Please note that polyaspartic urethane does have a solvent smell. If you are sensitive to this, we can install an epoxy basecoat which will cure overnight, and we can continue the process the next day. This will not affect the performance of the floor.

Now is the time where we will broadcast the paint flakes to complete rejection. Meaning we will completely cover your floor with paint flakes till you no longer see the coating underneath. This is the industrial way to install this system and will provide the maximum slip resistance and classic look you desire.

Scrape and Top Coat

After waiting 1-2 hours, we will then vacuum all excess flakes that didn’t adhere to the floor and follow up by agitating and scraping the flakes to remove any sharp edges on the floor. 

Finally, we install the last coating which is a clear polyaspartic urethane topcoat, which is UV resistant and chemical resistant as well. We do this by pulling the material over all the flakes, allowing a generous amount of the product to fully saturate and cover the paint flakes. This will encapsulate the floor and make it impervious to any oil, gas or other harsh chemicals a garage may see during its life. The floor is then back rolled, and you are left with a textured finish which will provide slip resistance and a beautiful aesthetic look.

Curing Information

Curing times are generally 4 hours and technically can be parked on, but we recommend waiting 24 hours to put your car back on it. Most like to wait longer, but according to specification sheets 24 hours is fine. At 2 hours you can usually walk on the garage floor and place any items that you have carefully back inside. We advise any heavy items life refrigerators and heavy items that are rolled on to be done at the 24-hour mark, if urgent 4 hours should be fine with caution.



In past times the garage was viewed as a separate space in the house, used as a storage space for household items, tools and vehicles. We never viewed the garage space as something that should be aesthetically pleasing; but this has changed drastically over recent years.

It is not uncommon to utilize garage spaces for living spaces, man caves or playroom due to their generally large size.
Since garage floors are often the largest space in your home, coating them will often increase the value of your home.

Adorning your garage with storage cabinets, sinks or transforming into man cave will often make your home more attractive on the real estate market. Whether you are looking to transform your garage into a functional room or are serious about having a highly protective garage floor coating. The Concrete Makeover specializes in installing a variety of garage floor coatings which will stand the test of time.

Easy to clean. Does your garage flood when it storms outside or from extreme weather? You will be able to easily spray down your new epoxy floor with water and squeegee the excess outside.

Increase value. Renovating an old garage floor will not only make the garage appear more modern, but it will absolutely increase the value of your home. We often install our flake floor systems for customers who are selling their homes shortly after we arrive. Having a protective coating, will extend the life of the concrete slab for many years to come, giving a higher perceived value to the perspective buyer. Many homeowners at the Jersey shore often turn their garage space into fun living and hang out spaces for entertaining.

Protection. Concrete slabs in garages vary from house to house. Unfortunately, due to the way construction projects happen, it is not uncommon for the slabs in your garages to be very soft and brittle. Installing a epoxy flake floor, will seal the slab from reveiving any damage, and will bear the grunt of any damage you throw at it, instead of the slab. Replacing a concrete slab is very expensive and time extensive. Applying a flake floor system in your garage will absolutely allow the slab to last much longer, than an uncoated floor.


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