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Epoxy flooring comes in a variety of finishes

Epoxy flooring serves several purposes and there are several types of epoxy flooring but where it is achieves its gusto is that it provides a professional look that is hard to duplicate anywhere else. Whether you need flooring done for your work or home in new jersey, we can do it. The great thing about epoxy flooring is that it is scratch resistant and it provides a look that brings out the flooring. We at the Concrete Makeover will work with any situation you need and we have epoxy flooring that is good for any case you have.

At The Concrete Makeover we never work with any middlemen so your costs will be down and we supply our own materials. Common areas where epoxy flooring takes place are:

  • Industrial Epoxy Coating
  • Warehouse Flooring
  • Commercial Kitchen Flooring
  • Restaurant Flooring
  • Retail Store Floors
  • Clear Epoxy Polish

The epoxy flooring will produce a nice look and will maintain stability throughout all parts of the flooring. We offer the best epoxy flooring services in New Jersey. We’ve worked with all kinds of businesses and homes and we offer a plethora of epoxy flooring services that others cannot rival. The epoxy can be applied during any time of the year under any circumstance. The popular misconception is that epoxy should only be laid during the summer months to maximize its effects. That thinking is amateur thinking.

Pearl Epoxy FloorPearl Epoxy Floor
Pearl Epoxy Flooring
metallic epoxy stepsmetallic epoxy steps
Custom Epoxy Staircase
office epoxy flooringoffice epoxy flooring
Civic Building Office Floors
Entrance Way Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy flooring for public buildingEpoxy flooring for public building
Easy to clean and keep shiny. Super durable
advantages of epoxy flooring

There are several advantages of epoxy flooring in New Jersey, outside of it looking good.

  • Stain and Mold Resistant

Quality sealing along with a quality product helps make flooring resistant to mold and staining. These two are common in the world of flooring and many times we do not realize that they are there, affecting us the way it does.

  • High Traffic

When it comes to high traffic (and in some cases heavy traffic) it is important to have something that can help your flooring be durable and exquisite at the same time.

  • Long Lasting

Epoxy flooring should last longer saving money for you in the long run. There is a lot to enjoy about saving money and having a durable flooring system that looks great.


Of course it also provides long lasting value, something that is never going to be easy to come by. For epoxy flooring in New Jersey look no further than The Concrete Makeover. There are many institutions, public or private, that require flooring and what we do is put in extremely comfortable, durable and long-lasting flooring. One of the many neglected parts of any home or business is the flooring – but the reality is this is bad for the health and for the looks of the establishment.

There are different forms of epoxy flooring that are available but rest assured that we will have one that fits right up your alley for your particular situation. There is nothing better than having a well done, durable floor. It certainly adds value to the house and raises the curb appeal.

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