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Epoxy flooring comes in a variety of finishes. Some for commercial and some for residential . Some of our systems are meant to look pretty and be decorative; while other epoxy systems are meant to deliver tough and long lasting results. Here are some of the epoxy flooring systems installed in NJ and NYC areas.

Our job as an experienced epoxy coatings contractor is to put together a melting pot system that will meet your functional , budgetary and aesthetic expectations into the right epoxy flooring system that will continue to perform for years.

The Concrete Makeover specializes in commercial coatings installation of a variety of industrial and decorative coatings. With a emphasis on designer and decorative epoxies used in restaurants, showrooms and hotel lobbies.



Pearl Epoxy Floor
Metallic Epoxy Floors
Residential | Retail | Commercial
The most aesthetically pleasing epoxy floor on the market. Can transform any space and give it flair.
quartz broadcasted floors
Quartz Broadcasted Floors
Commercial | Residential | Industrial
Quartz floors aresuitable for heavy duty traffic found in commercial environments, but can be a beautiful decorative quartz floor for residential and retail.
Grind and Seal epoxy
Grind and Seal Epoxy Floors
Retail | Residential | Commercial
Grind and seal floors are suitable for a minimalistic "polished look". while delivering the anti microbial and stain resistance properties of epoxy.
Paint Flake Epoxy Floors
Residential | Retail | Commercial
Paint flake flooring provide great slip resistance while transforming your floor space with a variety of colors and flake types.
High Build Epoxy Floors
Retail | Retail | Industrial
High build epoxies are meant to go on thick. Around 30-60 mils depending on your need.

Epoxy flooring comes in a variety of finishes

These epoxy systems come custom tailored to your specific needs. If your looking for a decorative and appealing look, steer towards paint flake flooring, decorative quartz broadcasted epoxy and metallic epoxy flooring which you can get more info here. 

For commercial and industrial applications ranging from kitchens, parking decks, labs and warehouses; you want to consider quartz broadcasted epoxy flooring, high build epoxy systems and specialty epoxy coatings such as novolac, urethane cements and more.


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the cost of epoxy flooring in nj/nyc
Costs to install the following epoxy systems will vary depending on your floor’s specific size and situation.

In general you pay for experience, accountability, material costs and attention to detail. We have been dealing with these specific systems for over 8 years and know the chemistry well.  As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”
  • Metallic Epoxy Flooring Costs Per Sq Ft.
    Metallic epoxy flooring costs are higher due to the attention to detail and amount of coatings (4-5). Preparation of your existing floor will increase or decrease costs. Also multiple colors in the metallic epoxy floor will increase the price of epoxy flooring as well.
  • High Build Epoxy Floor
    High build (thick) epoxy floor costs are usually around $6.00 a sq ft because of floor prep and amount of materials used. Solid color epoxy floors can consist of a primer, and 100% solids epoxy, laid out at 100 sq ft per gallon. Adding a pigmented urethane will increase high build epoxy flooring costs, as well as extreme floor preparation.
  • Quartz Broadcast Epoxy
    Quartz broadcast epoxy floor costs are around $8.50 a sq ft. The cost of quartz floors is due to the increase in costs from aggregates that are thrown into the floor. Costs can increase if you desire a decorative colored quartz blend and stay lower if you desire a solid color epoxy with silica sand instead of quartz.
  • Paint Flake Flooring
    Paint flake epoxy flooring costs are around $6.50 a sq ft. One day systems and the high cost of paint flakes will make a full broadcast system costs increase. Paint chips give a timeless distinct look and add flavor to your space. Structural and extreme preparation will increase costs. Also special flakes; ie wood flakes, mica flakes and glow in the dark can increase the cost of paint flake epoxy floors significantly.
A metallic epoxy floor installed for a dentist office in NJ


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