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Epoxy flooring can provide you with a wide range of industrial and decorative coatings designed to meet the needs and specific style of your chosen space.

We pride ourselves on being the New Jersey epoxy flooring experts you can trust, and a major part of that is explaining your options so you get exactly what you want. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of epoxy flooring:



Thin Mil Floor Coating System
Often referred to grind and seal epoxy systems. These thin build epoxy coatings are useful for applying a clear or pigmented epoxy coating to your medium to hard concrete floors.

Typically 4-6 mm thick and available in clear or solid colors. A smart choice if you need an attractive and economical high performance floor with excellent wear characteristics and light reflectivity.

High Build

schema of high build epoxy flooring system
High build epoxy systems are used on concrete floors requiring a thicker epoxy layer, which will fill in the floors rough texture and leave you with a smoother finish which will wear out better.

Typically 18-36 mm thick and designed to look like a marbled 3D surface. A smart choice if you want to hide track marks with a high compressive strength coating that’s hardwearing and highly chemical resistant.


Metallic Epoxy System
Provides a great looking and custom floor available with many colors. Great for offices, lobbies, restaurants and spaces that need to be visually transformed. Pearlescent or marble looking floor is how its often characterized.

Typically 36-40 mm thick and designed to look like a marbled 3D surface. A smart choice if you want to create a unique look with an easy-to-clean floor that offers excellent color mixing and reflectivity.

Typically 30-35 mm thick and designed to provide a decorative, textured surface. A smart choice if you want an ultra-durable surface that’s
very easy to clean and offers a wide variety of color options.

Epoxy Shop Flooring

Typically 1/16” thick and offers an industrial, textured surface. A smart choice if you need a slip-resistant surface for a high-traffic area that’s highly resistant to wear.

Quartz Flooring

Typically 1/8” thick and provides a textured, decorative surface. A smart choice when you want to focus on slip resistance, durability and easing cleaning with a flooring system that comes in a variety of decorative options.

Pearl Epoxy Floor
Metallic Epoxy Floors
Residential | Retail | Commercial
The most aesthetically pleasing epoxy floor on the market. Can transform any space and give it flair.
quartz broadcasted floors
Quartz Broadcasted Floors
Commercial | Residential | Industrial
Quartz floors aresuitable for heavy duty traffic found in commercial environments, but can be a beautiful decorative quartz floor for residential and retail.
Grind and Seal epoxy
Grind and Seal Epoxy Floors
Retail | Residential | Commercial
Grind and seal floors are suitable for a minimalistic "polished look". while delivering the anti microbial and stain resistance properties of epoxy.
garage floor coating with gray flakes
Paint Flake Epoxy Floors
Residential | Retail | Commercial
Paint flake flooring provide great slip resistance while transforming your floor space with a variety of colors and flake types.
High Build Epoxy Floors
Retail | Retail | Industrial
High build epoxies are meant to go on thick. Around 30-60 mils depending on your need.

Epoxy flooring comes in a variety of finishes

These epoxy systems come custom tailored to your specific needs. If your looking for a decorative and appealing look, steer towards paint flake flooring, decorative quartz broadcasted epoxy and metallic epoxy flooring which you can get more info here. 

For commercial and industrial applications ranging from kitchens, parking decks, labs and warehouses; you want to consider quartz broadcasted epoxy flooring, high build epoxy systems and specialty epoxy coatings such as novolac, urethane cements and more.

How Much Does a New Jersey Epoxy Floor Cost?

We work with you from the moment you get in touch to provide the custom solution, finish and color that makes all the difference. By paying for experience and expertise, you can ensure you get a floor you love and a floor that will last for many years to come. As an
approximate guide, our prices per sq ft are typically between $8-$12.50, depending on the size of the floor and type of flooring you wish to add. To get a custom quotation, the easiest way is always to get in touch directly.  


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