Ledgewood, NJ Epoxy flooring makeover

When Pure Inc tattoo shop wanted to renovate their shop in Ledgewood, NJ they decided to go with the best epoxy contractor in New Jersey…. The Concrete Makeover.

The old layers of self leveling were not installed  correctly and required to remove them manually and with concrete grinding.

Prepping is crucial for epoxy floors, it makes the difference between an epoxy floor that lasts 10+ years and one that lasts maybe 2. Here are some pictures from the day 1 we walked in… check back for upgrades.

After applying the first primer coat of epoxy, we then applied the reflector epoxy from Duraamen Lumiere designer epoxy. With a brown and copper reflector colors. We mixed two separate batche throw them on the ground and then apply the epoxy and tretch it to a 1/16th -1/8th thickness. We then touch it up with a plastic trowel for natural swirls and roll the epoxy with a special roller that evens out the epoxy and helps it spread evenly. The next day we apply a polyutherane coating for high traffic locations. Definitely check out Pure inc Tattoo in Ledgewood, NJ. They have a bulletproof reputation and it shows in online review sites like google small business. Hundreds of positive reviews. It was a pleasure working with the Pure Inc team and hope to collaborate with them in the future. Here’s some pictures of the epoxy floor in Ledgewood NJ

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