Advantages of Epoxy

Renovating your basement space or are you looking to spice up your kitchen floors with durable and attractive reflector epoxy floors? The Concrete Makeover has you covered. We have been professionally installing epoxy floors in Bergen County and other areas of NJ since 2006. We offer seamless epoxy flooring solutions for residential areas, commercial offices, industrial coatings that meet gov standards and retail stores.


We approach each job professionally by protecting walls and interior areas. Then we use a diamond grinder to remove the top layer of concrete. This will guarantee you will have a good adhesion point for the epoxy to bind to.  We then mix your blend of colors into the epoxy and lay it down. We then coat the epoxy with a durable Polyurethane for high traffic applications and buff out any small imperfections.

Your Bergen County property is now fully “Made over”. Epoxy is much more durable than concrete, it is more pleasant to walk on barefoot and has anti bacterial properties. They are easy to clean and don’t dull easily. After years of traffic on your epoxy floor , the floor will start to accumulate scratches and dull a bit. This is no issue, since you can just clean and apply a liquid mop-able wax and bring it back to its original luster. You can also lightly sand it and reapply the polyurethane as needed.

Advantages of Epoxy

There are several advantages of epoxy flooring in New Jersey, outside of it looking good.

Of course it also provides long lasting value, something that is never going to be easy to come by. For epoxy flooring in New Jersey look no further than The Concrete Makeover. There are many institutions, public or private, that require flooring and what we do is put in extremely comfortable, durable and long-lasting flooring. One of the many neglected parts of any home or business is the flooring – but the reality is this is bad for the health and for the looks of the establishment.

There are different forms of epoxy flooring that are available but rest assured that we will have one that fits right up your alley for your particular situation. There is nothing better than having a well done, durable floor. It certainly adds value to the house and raises the curb appeal.

Give us a call or send us an email and we will work with you on all of your epoxy flooring needs. 1 -732-259-5932

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