The days of carpet’s long reign as the number one home flooring option are long gone. More and more homeowners are trading their old, dirty carpet for more sleek and modern flooring options. If you get rid of your carpet, though, what should put down in its place?

Thankfully, there are tons of decorative options for flooring from which to choose! One of the best, however, is simple concrete! Read on for some great concrete flooring options to consider for your home.

1. Stained Concrete

If you want a floor that is versatile enough to make your home look super modern and super luxurious at the same time, then stained concrete is the best way to go. With stained concrete, a layer of concrete is put down, and the installers use different techniques to stain it depending on the color and appearance that you prefer.

The most common stains are acid-based and water-based, and the color choices are generally earth tones. Water-based stains have more colors from which to choose, but if you prefer subtle coloring, then acid-based stains are the way to go. When picking a color, consider picking a neutral color that’s versatile enough to go through a number of home makeovers

2. Thin Stamped Overlays

Love the look of tiles, but not into scrubbing grout and repairing broken tiles? Thin stamped concrete is a great alternative! Thin stamped concrete is concrete flooring that is meant to give the illusion that it is something like stone, brick, or wood. There are no fragile tiles, and it can be stained a color that you prefer for your home.

Thin stamped concrete works well both inside the home and on outside patios. Try selecting a pattern that continues outside to connect the inside and outside of your home. There are so many options from which to choose, so start planning!

3. Epoxy Flooring

Looking for flooring for high-traffic areas like the kitchen that looks great and is resistant to staining and damage? Give epoxy flooring a shot!

Unlike traditional concrete flooring, epoxy floors have a resinous coating that you can apply to new concrete or even old, cracked concrete floors. The end result is a beautiful, shiny surface that is totally customizable and super resistant to damage and is easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about spilled red wine or fido’s muddy paws ruining your flooring anymore!

Loved These Decorative Options for Flooring?

There are a lot of decorative options for flooring available in the marketplace, but none are as durable, versatile, and easy to care for as concrete. Whether you opt for sleek stained concrete or beautiful thin stamped overlays, you can’t go wrong when installing concrete flooring. There’s no reason to wait to swap out those old carpets!

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