stained concrete floors


Gives an instant boost to the way your home looks

Transforming concrete slabs and structures gives an instant boost to the way your home or business looks.  Staining concrete is popular because it turns boring and ubiquitous concrete slabs into something colorful and unique. It can be referred to as colored concrete but regardless of what it is called it serves the same purpose: improving your home or business.  Many designers and builders enjoy using it because it brings a different aspect to the flooring.  The ability to combine colors allows home and business owners to do a little something creative with their space.  There are many homeowners that do not take advantage of colored concrete and that will directly affect the way they sell their home.

The Environmental Aspect

There are environmental ramifications to staining concrete as well but at the Concrete Makeover, we will ensure that the staining liquids we use are natural, safe, and we conserve its use.  Oftentimes, this is not the case with other contracting companies.  Acid staining concrete can be safe as long as it is used in a controlled environment, one handled by professionals like us.  Staining can also cause harm to animals, plants, and humans if mishandled but our professionals are sure to use staining equipment in the proper way not allowing other biological life to come into contact with it.


The Environmental Aspect

We can stain any kind of concrete slab in your home.  Common staining jobs include staining the following:


Stained concrete flooring definitely opens up options for the homeowner.  It will instantaneously look better and depending on the color combination you want to have, stained concrete will be long lasting, leaving a wonderful finish to the product. Picture your concrete structures now and picture it with a different color.  Even visualizing it in your mind, you see a huge difference in how the final product will look – and it looks great!

The neutral bland colors work for a short while but it leaves nothing to the imagination. When we stain concrete floors we make sure you get something you will be proud of.  Think of stained concrete as a blank canvas where it is ready to take on your work.

Staining Concrete in New Jersey

We take pride in our work and we make sure your stained concrete looks good.  Acid stain floors are great for the home, there’s no doubt it.  Staining concrete slabs isn’t a science, but it does require a good sense of attention to detail.  In New Jersey there is no one better.

Our experts have stained concrete surfaces of all kinds, from multiple driveways to the patio.   Whether it is staining concrete patios or staining concrete driveways, you will have a well maintained structure that can withstand the elements and seasons.   You won’t experience any chipping or fading in your concrete.


Experience why we are the best in the business.  You won’t be disappointed and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much money you will save.  Our expertise and our experience will garner you the best results, giving you something to look forward to each day.  Contact us today and we will come out to give you a great quote.  Your new home awaits you – we’re ready to help.


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