Your concrete deck, regardless of where it is, doesn’t have to look plain. It can look as creative or as “loud” as you need it to be.  The entire concrete deck is your canvas to work with – and this is where we can help you.  The traditional look of concrete can be taken to the next level with a little know-how and ingenuity.  It all starts with the concrete stain colors that are available at your disposal.  Consider us at the Concrete Makeover as more than just concrete contractors. We are artists and innovators, too.

The Blending

We use an eclectic blend of stains and dyes to produce the right color at the right time.  Concrete floor dye and concrete dye colors in general garner great reviews for the way it mixes and creates an artistic look within the concrete.  Get a little creative with the stains and the rest of your creativity will come naturally. We can help you create the tones you’re looking for and will help you develop a look that many will not take advantage of.  Exterior concrete dye will help make the outside of your home look great. Even if it is a repair or patching job, we can implement unique dyes to our concrete and make sure that you have something unique.

Stains alone won’t get the job done, which is why we found it absolutely essential to utilize dyes. The concrete in your home will garner much attention.  The store-bought staining and dyes you see are not good nor are they valid.  They do not mix and they do not have the necessary elements within them to maintain the color throughout the life of the concrete.  Fading in the concrete is obvious and does not look good.

How it can be applied

Stained concreted or dyed concrete look great in just about any environment within the home.  Get a little creative and think outside the box.  Whether you have a basement or you want to customize your driveway to your liking, concrete dye colors work.  Other places where it can work are:

  • Basement – Whether it is used as a storage space or an extra room a basement is a good room in which to have concrete staining. With a wide open space, open it up to a little creativity and you will see that the value of the home will go up.
  • Driveway – Designs and artistic value within the design of the concrete driveway will bring attention and bring in some amazing value to guests and residents.
  • Patio – You spend a lot of time on the patio and what a better place than to have stained and dyed concrete than the patio. A place where many barbeques and get-togethers take place it is a prime spot to think outside the box.
  • Garage – The garage, much like the basement, can be used as an extra room or used as a place of storage. Regardless of what it is used for the concrete in the garage deserves attention.

Why Stained and Dyed Concrete

Why not?  We know that the drab of concrete leaves nothing to the imagination and why should it.  Think of concrete floor dye as that of a blush that is applied to women.  On the one hand it brings out an existing color of the makeup, but on the other it enhances the look by making it more defined and toned.  What people can do with concrete dyes and stains that is difficult to do with blush is create designs, patterns, and shapes within the concrete making it even more unique.

Nothing is out of bounds and there are many concrete dye colors from which to choose.  Contact us for concrete dye pricing and we’ll show you how we get creative with stained or dyed concrete.