Garage Floor Coatings

All garages are created differently.  With so many different options to choose from, users can pick a garage floor coating that fits the state of their garage. We service the entire state of New Jersey and surrounding states such as Staten Island, NY and all bordering cities.

The 1 Day Garage Floor Epoxy Flake Floor

Advancement in epoxy flake floor materials have allowed for the 1 day epoxy floor system to arise. The polyaspartic urethane is flexible, durable and allows for a cure rate faster than epoxy, which allows us to complete the project in one day. (depending on size of garage)

The 1 Day Epoxy Flake Floor process

Stained concrete flooring definitely opens up options for the homeowner.  It will instantaneously look better and depending on the color combination you want to have, stained concrete will be long lasting, leaving a wonderful finish to the product. Picture your concrete structures now and picture it with a different color.  Even visualizing it in your mind, you see a huge difference in how the final product will look – and it looks great!

The neutral bland colors work for a short while but it leaves nothing to the imagination. When we stain concrete floors we make sure you get something you will be proud of.  Think of stained concrete as a blank canvas where it is ready to take on your work.

Colored Flake chart

The Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor

Easily the hottest epoxy coating out on the market. If you are looking for a completely custom and unique garage floor to compliment your car or man cave, metallic epoxy flooring is the choice for you. Metallic epoxy floors are an art, it is not a simple process and definitely cannot be done in one day. A proper installation takes 4 to 5 days of coatings and prepping. Here is the process to install a metallic epoxy garage floor in New Jersey and New York.

The Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor Process

Metallic Garage Floor Pigments

The garage is a multipurpose room.  There is a lot to do in it outside of parking in it. The majority of people who have a garage (the one-car and two-car variety) will use it for storage or as an extra room. In any case, it is perfectly okay to use the garage for any use.  When it comes to using the garage, the oft-forgotten element is the flooring. The flooring is just as important regardless of the activity that takes place in it.  Garage floor coatings and finishes are absolutely important because it provides an extra layer of protection and an extra dimension to its looks.

Garage floor paint will help spruce up the looks and cover up minor cosmetic issues but to take it one step further, garage epoxy flooring or garage floor coatings will cover up the cosmetic issues and make the floor much more pleasing to the eyes.  This type of flooring does much more than covers up the imperfections of the floor; it helps fight back stains caused from tire marks or daily activity.  There is so much that goes on in the garage you would be remiss to take advantage of garage floor coatings.

These options and more are certainly available and can fit any need.  The garage is a big room; therefore, it does deserve some care.  In some cases, a one-car garage is twice the size of a normal bedroom. Of all the rooms in the home the garage takes the biggest beating whether it is used as an extra room and especially if it’s used to park vehicles in.

The garage is still as much a part of the home than any other room in the home. Basic remodeling will help improve the looks of the garage, but having epoxy flooring will take it up another notch.  With the garage, no one has to wait until a big remodeling project is on the horizon. It can be done with the instantly added value attached to it.  The eye appeal won’t be bad either.

Garage Floor Experts

We are proud that we can call ourselves experts.  At the Concrete Makeover we take pride in our work and make sure your garage floor is well taken care of.  We will ensure that whatever is done to your garage flooring it will be long lasting.  Far too often, concrete work goes by the wayside and corners are cut, but we make sure that doesn’t happen – especially to your garage where there is much weight that bears down on the space.

Garage floor resurfacing helps solidify the flooring and it makes it much easier to look at and touch.  Contact us today and we will send out quality professionals to look at your home and see what garage flooring service best fits your needs.  Even if you have a home that is in the midst of being built, that’s not a problem.  Let us know where you live and we can do some great things in your garage.

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