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  • FAILURE IS NOT THE PROBLEM –  The problem comes when we don’t learn from our experiences. Everyone fails, it is how we rise from the fall that matters.
  • “TEAM TEAM DAMN TEAM!” –  We stick together, take care of each other, and work as a TEAM.
  • The Extra Mile – We strive to go further and do it better than others. We stay a little longer, work a little harder, and put a little bit more into our floors so that they’ll reflect our efforts.

Foreman / Team Lead

Compensation: $24-$35/hour PLUS benefits (Vacation, Overtime, Bonuses, Annual Raise)

About the role: The Working Foreman / Team Lead provides leadership and is responsible for running knowledgeable and proficient crews. This is a key position in the organization, a first line of support for the Operations Manager, and a primary point of contact for clients and other contractors. This leadership role requires a motivated self-starter who can hit the ground running and who can overcome challenges, generate results, and keep a team motivated. We offer on the job training and opportunities for advancing in your career.

The Foreman’s key responsibilities

  •  Installation and application of floors
  •  Supervising & leadership
  •  Ensuring the safety of crew members
  •  Following OHSA guidelines
  •  Productivity of crew members and quality control

Foreman Requirements:

  •  Ability to read and interpret design drawing & blueprints
  •  Experience in concrete grind & polish, epoxy coatings and/or concrete restoration
  •  Experience managing crews
  •  Ability to complete work on time and within budget
  •  Strong leadership skills
  •  Great communication skills
  •  Reliable transportation
  •  Driver’s license
  •  Physical ability to perform the work
  •  Flexible schedule to work some evenings, weekends and holidays

Application Specialist

Compensation: $15-$20/hour PLUS benefits (Vacation, Bonus, Overtime, Annual Raise)

About the role: Our Application Specialists are a part of a team that prepares concrete surfaces and installs epoxy, urethane, and other floor types in various types of buildings and facilities in the New England region. We work under tight deadlines, often during company shutdowns, to provide high quality, durable flooring systems that meet or exceed requirements and expectations. Typically, each day starts off between 6:00 am at the shop.

Our core focus is to help people build lives that they want to live. With that, we provide training and education to support long-term career growth within the industry and the organization. This includes potential advancement to Application Specialist Level II, Application Specialist Level III, Team Lead, Working Foreman, and Field Manager.

Application Specialists key responsibilities

  •  Work as a part of a team with foreman/lead and crew
  •  Grind/shotblast concrete for prep
  •  Load/unload materials from truck
  •  Perform various types of manual labor
  •  Keep jobsite, trucks and shop orderly and free from hazards

Application Specialist Requirements:

  •  Ability to measure proper amounts of material
  •  Experience in construction/floors (preferred)
  •  Skilled at using electric power tools (preferred)
  •  Mechanical aptitude
  •  Physically fit / ability to lift 50+ pounds
  •  Arrive on time to the job every day
  •  A valid driver’s license & reliable vehicle