Concrete overlay can do a lot for your home. There are many things to enjoy about your concrete but there will inevitably be times where there are going to be issues with the concrete from cosmetic issues to fading.  Whatever the case is we are concrete overlay contractors that you can trust.

Stained Concrete Flooring

Why Concrete Overlays

There are several other areas where concrete overlaying is good to have.  Other concrete overlay contractors are wasteful or want to produce more than is necessary.  We at the Concrete Makeover will ensure you are not paying for more than you actually need.

  • Low Cost and Effective – Unless the problem necessitates a full reconstruction stamped concrete overlaying or simply concrete overlaying is efficient and can cover up any of the imperfections.
  • Remodeling – Even if you did (or if you don’t) have a pristine concrete structure you can choose from a number of finishes diversifying the way your home looks.
  • Improve the Looks Now – A problem is not going to fix itself. Once the minor problems are fixed, such as cracks or chips, you can go back to enjoying the look of the home.
  • Resurfacing – To be explained in further detail due to its scope, but resurfacing is, in some cases, necessary.

Concrete Surfaces Exposure

Your concrete structures are highly visible to people, family and friends.  This prevents a challenge because there is so much around the home.  With concrete overlay resurfacing, you won’t have to replace the whole structure.  Not only is that not conducive to saving money, it’s not necessary.  Hitting the panic button when it comes to cosmetic issues is never a good thing.  Simply give us a call to come out and inspect your surfaces.

Concrete surfaces get exposed to a variety of things on a daily basis.  Outside of being exposed to the elements, concrete structures get heavy equipment laid on them.  Family and friends run across them and a high level of traffic goes through them on a daily basis.  Even when the winter strikes and you salt the ground so as to prevent ice from forming, will damage the surfaces.

Whether it’s stamped concrete overlays or decorative concrete overlay we can cover those imperfections and make it look like new. There is no better concrete overlay contractor in New Jersey.  We take pride in our work and it will be obvious from the onset.


Resurfacing is a delicate job, especially if it is meant to do more than just cover up some cracks and dents.  Simple putty from the store is not going to get the job done by any means.  Common exposed and battered surfaces are the patio, garage, decks, pool area, driveway, and the basement.  Regardless of surface concrete overlay resurfacing will work wonders.

When resurfacing factors such as depth and design are considered and implemented.  We only want what’s best for you and your future.  Every house is in need of resurfacing in one fashion or another.  So long as your concrete structure is exposed to the elements and human intervention, resurfacing will always be necessary.

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Contact us today and let us know how we can patch up the work at your home.  Concrete overlaying will instantly improve the look of your home and your life.