Barnacle Bill Arcade and Mini Golf in Lavalette, NJ

I must say I was super excited about working on the restoration of Barnacle Bills. Having frequented the pleasant shores of New Jersey, I had always heard about Barnacle Bills from my friends parents who lived down the shore. The place is Iconic and unfortunately you don’t miss something until its gone.

Barnacle Bills is a family arcade and mini golf establishment located in Lavalette, NJ located on Rt. 35 right before entering Seaside Heights. You will probably recall it for its giant Luberjack looking statue outside.I fully support Bill and Joanne for going through long, rough roads to keep this place open. Insurance companies get greedy during times like this where many establishments are damaged and they have to shell out the cash, so I know like all the other establishments who had to stay closed a full season waiting on the insurance companies to fulfill their claims. But Bill and Joanne sacrificed much to keep the Arcade & Mini Golf open.

I can’t say how much I support this type of establishment. There are very few things to do on the Jersey shore that don’t revolve around clubbing and drinking. I honor their choice to run a clean and righteous business in service to their community and families with kids.


What they got

Acid Stained Concrete Floors using 3 different colors, Two shades of Brown (light and dark) and an Aqua Blue Color from Duraamen and Elitecrete systems

Sealed with Elitecrete CSS Industrial sealer.

Acid Staining Concrete…. The Process

We start by diamond grinding the existing floors and free it from any dirt, oil and free particles.

Then we make sure the concrete is free of any dust.

We are now ready to Acid Stain the concrete.  We mix the Acid stain with water to achieve the correct color and spray several  coats to give a natural faded look.

After drying, we are ready to apply an industrial sealer by Elitercrete systems. CSS mixed with Xylene, perfect to mix the sealer to our needs. We first make a 2 to 1 mix, which penetrates the concrete and seals deep rather than just on top. Then we apply a thicker mix of the sealer. Total of 4 coats where sprayed on to bring about a lasting shine that is durable and easily cleaned.


The results where stunning! Check out the photos below for yourself.